Friday, March 2, 2018


I am so sorry! I can't believe it's been over a month since I posted! Life has been crazy and it totally slipped my mind that I hadn't posted.

So, Life. Yep, that's been a crazy ride this last month. First I had a baby quilt to make quick for my husband's cousin who's new little boy is due next weekend, then I got all ready for an event in Bethany, OK, about an hour and a half from home, had my car loaded and my husband even took off work for the day to help.....and it decides to start sleeting two hours after I loaded the car.

You guessed it, I didn't go. It was too icy here. So I felt really bad having to send a message to the coordinator for the guild meetings to say I wouldn't be able to attend to bring my hand dyed fabrics. Thankfully later that day I got an email from her saying the meetings for the next day had been canceled because they had received ice there as well! So all turned out good in the end, and I got rescheduled for August 23!

That's the first opening they had where I either wasn't already scheduled for an event and thought I would have new stock made (I have two large shows in June back to back and hope I sell out at both!)

Then I took our oldest pup (nearly 14) to the vet to see if it was old age or a UTI that was causing her to have accidents in the house at all hours of the day and night. After a urinalysis and bladder ultrasound, all was negative. So doc took some blood and sent it off to the lab.

The next day I get  call that he wants to do a STEM test of some sort and a liver ultrasound because she has elevated liver enzymes, and he's suspecting Cushing's disease. So I took her back in the next day for that, and we're waiting for test results (should be in today) to see what's wrong with my girl.

Then if that wasn't enough, the new fish that we had purchased less than two weeks before started dying! I called the pet shop because they have a replacement guarantee and was told to bring in another water sample (tested perfect the day we bought the fish) and the dead fish and we should be reimbursed or can get new fish.

The next morning, another dead fish, and I had to go to my husband's grandma's that day to care for her, so I couldn't go to the pet shop until that evening. I called again, talked to them, and discovered some white gunk on my living fish, even the ones who were still breathing but sitting on the bottom of the tank!

Turns out the lady at the pet shop suspected Ich or a fungus. So I go to hubs' grandma's house, fully expecting to have no fish still alive when I got home nearly 8 hours later. But guess what, they were almost all still alive--except one!

So I take the now 3 dead fish and a water sample and off I go back to the pet store. They look at the fish, test the water, and the water is still almost perfect, but the Ich or fungus explains the slightly off pH of the water. So I am directed to which treatment to get and to add aquarium salt to the tank. I get the stuff, head home, and treat the tank with the first dose of meds.

So we now have a tank that instead of clear water has water that is stained a lovely clear acid green! I have to treat it again in 48 hours, then wait another 48 hours to put the carbon filter back in and do a water change. So we wait and see how the fish do. So far so good, as the ones left are all still alive and mostly swimming around. I do have a couple that stay mostly on the bottom even though they come up for food, so I don't know if those two will survive or not.

 On top of all that, I'm teaching an art quilt mini class next weekend at a quilt retreat and I'm still trying to get the class samples finished and get all the fabric dyed and fusible web put on it and everything kitted up and I only have 4 days to get it all done before I leave early Thursday morning (I have today and Sunday with hubs' grandma still ). So lots to do and I'm feeling so overwhelmed!

After the retreat, I have two client quilts to quilt and by then my large fabric order should be in so I can start dyeing fabric for my shows this season. My first show is just next month!