Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year, New Growth!

Greeting Quilters!

This year I decided to try several new things for my shop, A Quilter's Easel. One of those things is this blog!

I'm not sure what all will be in it, but I am going to try to post at least once a week on Sundays. These will have a LOT of quilty content, as my life has a lot of quilty content, but they'll probably also be about family, shows, organizing, travel, our dogs, and yes, my dehydrator adventures. I have recently discovered dehydrating and received a 10 tray dehydrator from my husband for Christmas. It hasn't been off pretty much since I got it!

So, for those of you who don't know me, let me introduce myself!

I have a mix of modern and old-world style of likes and personality I guess. I'm all about being a strong and independent woman but love having the love and support of my family and friends. You'll probably see me talk about my 'girls' a bit. My husband Rob and I don't have kids, but we do have dogs. Five of them! (don't worry, they aren't allowed in my studio or around any of my dyes or fabrics!)

Our littlest is Katie. She's a Chihuahua and jack russel mix. Seven years old and a little spitfire full of energy and loves to give kisses.

 Tessa is next. She's also seven and is a mix of Papillion and Italian greyhound (we think, she's a shelter pup). She was found on the streets and was brought to the shelter. We think she was beaten prior to being tossed out or escaping. We adopted her at about 5 1/2 months old. She now has occasional seizures, probably due to the abuse.

Next up is Luna. She's the youngest at almost four years old and is full of energy, stubborn, and very attached to me. We adopted her from our veterinarian. Her previous owners brought her in at 3 months old and wanted her put down because her jaw was broken in 2 places. They kept changing the story of how she got hurt so we suspect they were actually the cause. Thankfully my vet refused to kill her and instead performed a 3 hour complicated surgery to repair her jaw. Four weeks later I started working in the hospital kennel and fell in love with her. I started teaching her and potty training her and two weeks later she joined our family. Now she won't even go outside in the morning without having to come snuggle with me first!

Our oldest is Chella. She's a treeing walker coonhound and yellow lab mix and will be 14 years old in April. She is also a rescue from a no-kill shelter. I went there and the lady told me to go pick out which one I wanted (there was a litter of pups). I went out to play with them and pick one out and she came up and sat at my feet and just waited while the rest were all crazy playing. I picked her up and told the lady (who had went back in the building) that she was the one I wanted. She couldn't believe I had been able to 'catch' her because she always ran from others! So she picked me and came home with me. We've been through a lot together, including 4 cancer surgeries and 2 ACL repair surgeries for her and she now has arthritis and is mostly deaf and partially blind, but she still rough houses with Luna!

Our last and biggest is Cameo, a 112 pound blue merle great dane. She's the only purchased pup we have, all the rest are rescues. Rob bought her for me shortly after we began dating for Christmas because I've always wanted a great dane. She loves to (try) to lay in my lap and I have the bruises to prove it!

My husband is a wonderful man, especially with all the quilting, dyeing, and pups he puts up with :)  He works hard as a computer tech and relaxes just as hard, gaming and watching anime and The Walking Dead and also WWE with me. He's very supportive of what I do and of my creativity and is always there to help with the day-to-day life chores like laundry and dishes so I can spend time in the studio.

So that's my house. Lots of love, kisses, barks, and 20 muddy paws when it rains, but I wouldn't change a bit of it.

Other than that I'm pretty basic. I love the old world style of canning, dehydrating, quilting, crochet, and things like that, though you'll only catch me in dresses and skirts at church, weddings, or funerals. I'm a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl. I do love to read though, especially series' like The Mortal Instruments and Harry Potter. I also watch The Librarians and Shadowhunters and the like while quilting or creating.

I did surprise our vet though when he found out that not only am I very 'into' quilting (something I talk about all the time), I also love NASCAR and WWE wrestling. He said he'd never guess someone who loved quilting as much as I do would even think about any kind of sport, let alone two of the more 'male directed' sports. I guess I'm just a conundrum!

We just remodeled our two car garage into a quilt studio (I say just but it was summer of 2016). It still isn't all that organized and it looks like a whirlwind came through with the Christmas rush, so I'll be cleaning and organizing soon. I'll try to share before and after pics with y'all (yes I'm from Texas, so expect 'y'all' to come up in my posts. After all, its a proper word in Texas :)  )

I'll get off here and let you get back to your world. I hope to share parts of my world each week with everyone who wants to read this. There will be cooking, recipes, pup antics, and who knows what else along with the quilty things. After all, our lives are not just one thing but a combination of many things!

Blessings and Happy Quilting!

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